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Live Well's Approach to Health and Wellness

We offer a very unique approach to health improvement.  We believe by combining some of the greatest healing techniques into one approach we get a synergistic effect that gets better, faster, and more complete results than using just one of these alone.
By using the finest chiropractic adjustment to physically restore the nurturing life force of the body, homeopathy and nutrition to give the body the proper fuel to live, and Wellness Opportunity Workshops to educate on how to live a healthy lifestyle we are able to make amazing changes with people's health.

Chiropractic Care

We provide the most advanced "state of the art" chiropractic techniques. Our adjustments are unique and famous in our area because not only are they gentle enough to put you to sleep, they are effective enough to make major health improvements.  We use and instrument called an arthrostim that uses gentle tapping to balance, soothe and restore vital nerve flow to you body.  We do not twist or "crack" like traditional chiropractors.  Dr. Kris has over 15 years of training, expertise and experience in helping patients get pain relief, prevent injuries and help you achieve total health or wellness.

Nutritional Counseling

What does nutrition have to do with chiropractic care? We strongly believe what nutrition you place in your body has a huge impact in your health and how your body heals.  We believe that nutrition should come from proper food choices but when that is impractical or not possible, supplementation is necessary.  We have tests to determine your individual nutritional needs and will help you with food choices and the right supplements to get you to your goal faster.  Many times we find people are taking supplements that are not even necessary.  The supplements we use are from whole food sources that are not heated or chemically altered.

Lifestyle Advice

Many of our patients come to see our chiropractor to address a specific pain symptom such as back pain, neck pain or headaches. While our chiropractor will address each patient's specific condition with chiropractic care, we often find it helpful to "coach" our patients towards achieving a healthier lifestyle. For example, there may be certain activities that you should avoid or do differently to prevent yourself from unintentionally aggravating your particular health challenges. The goal of including lifestyle advice with a chiropractic care plan is to help you stop repeating the same stresses that have caused your health problem to occur.  By helping our patients make positive lifestyle changes and choices, they are able to see continued health improvement year after year.

We offer free monthly Wellness Workshops where Dr. Kris will cover different health and wellness topics and simple practical steps to implement them into you lifestyle.  For a list of up coming workshops click here.


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