Allergies & Sinuses

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testimonial_22.jpg I had pain in my lower back, neck, numbness in my arms, acid reflux and sinus problems. Since starting care, I have totally gotten off my nexium for acid relfux and xyzcl for sinuses. I can now look over my left shoulder, which I haven't been able to do for years. My arms no longer go numb at night. I also have more energy. I never expected to not have to take sinus meds. Who would think a little thing could work such wonders.
Barb Karns

testimonial_09.jpgMy grandmother told my Mom about the office and encourged my Mom to bring me. I had allergies that would get bad very quick and was in the hospital twice in less than a year with pneumonia. Since starting care I have not needed any breathing treatments. If I am sick, I bounce back quickly now. I have not had to go to the hospital since starting care. Everyone is very kind and caring. Cody Miller

Sharon_Crist.pngMy daughter had been coming to see Dr. Kris and had great results so I decided to try it too.  Before starting chiropractic care I always had sinus problems and was getting sick 3 or 4 times a year with bronchitis and colds.  I've been seeing Dr. Kris for 6 years now and there has been no more bronchitis, cold or sinus problems!And to top it off I've also been sleeping very well!
Sharon Crist

Beth_Dunlap.pngI almost feel my age again!  I have significant decrease in sinus pressure, headaches, and  drainage.  My cycle is back to normal and my neck and back pain is minimal.  I am on my feet all day and they no longer hurt at the end of the day.  I also did not expect the treatments to help my energy level as much as they have.
Beth Dunlap

Michelle_Buttry.pngBefore Chiropractic I was suffering from chronic back pain, foot pain, and sciatica.  Dr. Kris's adjustments have me feeling great with all over pain relief and a healthier body.  I now take less medication, have less allergy symptoms, am sick less, and my blood pressure is better than its been in 15 years! I sleep well and feel good!
Michelle Buttry

Jeanne_Hartman.pngAfter going to the dentist for 10 years with facial pain I decided to try chiropractic.  I was to the point I couldn't even eat.  The first visit Dr. Kris diagnosed me with TMJ.  After just the first visit I was able to eat with no pain and I overall felt better.  Since coming here for adjustments I even have better sinuses.
Jeanne Hartman

Arvilla_Miller.pngWhen I first came to see Dr. Kris I was having bronchitis and sinus infections every year, not to mention pain throughout my body.  But now I'm healthier all around.  I have improved balance, no more bronchitis, and improved sinuses This year on vacation to the beach I was finally able to do things without pain, that's a first in 10 years!
Arvilla Miller

Allen_Smith.pngI had pain in my left shoulder and numbness in my left thumb.  I now have no pain in my shoulder or numbness in my thumb.  My allergies are even tolerable.  I did not think that adjustments would help my allergies.  My back and shoulder feel better than they have in years!  I look forward to my visits and the relaxation during and after adjustments.
Allen Smith

Dr Arnold has a deifferent technique. It is gentle and relaxing. I first started coming here from an ad in the paper. My allergies were bad and I was very tense. With Dr Kris's care I am less tense and my allergies are much improved.Now I am much healthier and I do not get the flu shot.
Donna Lockheart

testimonial_07.jpgI chose this office because of the ease and avialablity of getting an appointment. Before starting care I had many migraines and pain. Now I have less migraines, less pain, and increased energy. I did not expect the increased enery and I also have less seasonal allergies. I am impressed about the caring attitude of everyone in the office.
Tiffany Cessna


I was having problems with pain in my right hip, leg and foot. Now that pain is gone and I have less pain overall!  I've also notice my sinus problems are decreasing.  Dr. Kris can always find the problem and getting feeling better!
Emily Deremer

Troy_Harbaugh.pngBefore coming to Dr. Kris I had really stiff and sore joints, sleepless nights, loss of energy and lower back problems.  Now my joints are no longer stiff and sore and my lower back no longer bothers me.  I get a full night's sleep and find that my energy levels are back to what they used to be.  Also unexpectedly I had sinus and allergy problems that are gone as well.
Troy Harbaugh


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