Headaches & Migranes

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I heard about the office thru word of mouth due to their great reputation. Being a hairstylist for 20 years I was always tight in my neck and shoulders and had headaches from stress. Now I feel like I can live a normal, pain-free life. Dr. Kris not only helps you physically but also mentally. My lower back was never bad, but treatment has made a big difference. Dr Arnold and his staff truly care about you and your body's healing.

Stacy Claycomb

Several friends were coming to the office and were very pleased with the results so I decided to give it a try. For years I was dealing with frequent headaches, after starting chiropractic care my headaches went away! I hardly ever get a cold. I really did not expect my headaches to completely go away. I appreciate the gentle care and the open, friendly office.
Brenda Beegle

testimonial_07.jpgI chose this office because of the ease and avialablity of getting an appointment. Before starting care I had many migraines and pain. Now I have less migraines, less pain, and increased energy. I did not expect the increased enery and I also have less seasonal allergies. I am impressed about the caring attitude of everyone in the office.
Tiffany Cessna

testimonial_12.jpgI was very uncomfortable on a daily basis with headachesand soreness.  I'm very acitve and this made it difficult to do my job and keep my fitness plan. Headaches are uncommon for me now. I don't feel the pain and soreness that I had before and I sleep sound through the night. The knots that I had in my upper back aren't the issues that they once were. The knots do not come back and I feel improvement very quickly after treatment.
Tina Pittman

testimonial_11.jpgI was a little dissatisfied where I was going for care and saw the ad in the Beford Gazette for Dr. Kris. Since starting care I have much less back, shoulder, and neck pain. I really had a lot of sinus issues. I was living on pain pills that my husband bought by the box. Now I no longer take these. I was surprised about how well my sinus issues have improved.
Bonnie Clouse

testimonial_18.jpgI was "feeling old". I was taking ibuprofen daily to get through the days without joint pain. I had a lot of neck problems and had headaches several times each week. After treatment with Dr. Kris the numbness in my arm and hand disappeared almost immediately. Neck and joint pain gradually diminished. And, to me this is amazing. I have not had a single headache for seven weeks.
Kathy Fisher

testimonial_17.jpgI was referred to the office by friend who responded well to this type of treatment and I saw her results first hand.  My health was generally good but I was concerned with aches and pains of getting older, higher cholesterol levels and the stress effects on my body.  Since starting care I have more energy, sleep better, carpel tunnel in wrists is decreasing, have less headachesand I handle stressful conditions better.   I did not expect the personal evaluation of "whole health", combining foods, vitamins, lifestyle and faith with the treatment.
Barb Thomas

testimonial_20.jpgI was supposed to have back injections according to a specialist. Since starting care I have noticed a lot less pain. I am able to move without pain. I have a better attitude. No numbness in the legs and am able to run long distances and exercise more. In three short months of care, I am now able to sit without pain and also have less headachesand tension. Dr. Kris takes a personal interest in my problems.
Scott Douglas

Tonia_Letrent.pngI was having migraine headaches when I started coming to see Dr. Kris. But since my adjustments I have had a huge drop in the number of headaches I have.  I haven't had one in the past 2 months!  I always feel better after getting adjusted and have more energy.
Tonia Letrent

Sue_Cunningham.pngI can now ride in an elevator!  This was something I couldn't do for years because of my anxiety and panic attacks but thanks to Dr. Kris I am now off most of my anxiety medication and no longer fear getting panic attacks.  Stomach pain was a constant problem for me. For the past 10 years I had to eat  bland foods, but now I can eat anything I want without pain!  On top of that I suffered from headaches, ear pain, knee and foot pain, a bad back, and numbness down my right leg, but since starting care my pains have decreased 90%.  I'm now happier and have a better outlook on life!
Sue Cunningham

Beth_Dunlap.pngI almost feel my age again!  I have significant decrease in sinus pressure, headaches, and  drainage.  My cycle is back to normal and my neck and back pain is minimal.  I am on my feet all day and they no longer hurt at the end of the day.  I also did not expect the treatments to help my energy level as much as they have.
Beth Dunlap

Vickie_Sellers.pngI feel like a new and healthy human being, since starting care! My migraine headaches are almost completely gone, my digestion problems are totally relieved and I actually have energy and clarity for the first time in years!
Vickie Sellers

Bill_Dunkle.pngI was having severe pain in my neck, shoulder and left tricep, along with frequent headaches and trouble falling asleep.   Now the pain in my neck, shoulder and arm are completely gone.  I am having less headaches, falling alseep easier and sleeping  through the night better.  I can now extend my arm above my head.  I wasn't able to do that in years!
Bill Dunkle


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