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testimonial_19.jpgAfter trying physical therapy a friend mentioned Dr. Arnold.  I was having shortness of breath, tightness in my chest and pain down my arms when exercising.   Since starting care, I have been able to exercise without any breathing problems or pain and I am able to play tennis again with no shoulder problems.  I even notice a difference while walking and standing and I no longer need to wear a heel lift.  I am impressed by the true compassion show by Dr. Kris and his willingness to listen to the issues I am experiencing.  Thank you!
Lori Douglas

testimonial_20.jpgI was supposed to have back injections according to a specialist. Since starting care I have noticed a lot less pain. I am able to move without pain. I have a better attitude. No numbness in the legs and am able to run long distances and exercise more. In three short months of care, I am now able to sit without pain and also have less headaches and tension. Dr. Kris takes a personal interest in my problems.
Scott Douglas

testimonial_23_1.jpgYour office was recommended to me by relatives and friends, who were very pleased with their results. I was having a lot of pain constantly every day. I had difficulty walking, going up and down stairs and doing daily activities. Now, my pain has really decreased and I no longer need to take any pain meds.I am able to do my daily activities at home, walk normally and go up and down the stairs. LIFE HAS NOW RETURNED TO ME!!
Linda Fisher

testimonial_22.jpg I had pain in my lower back, neck, numbness in my arms, acid reflux and sinus problems. Since starting care, I have totally gotten off my nexium for acid relfux and xyzcl for sinuses. I can now look over my left shoulder, which I haven't been able to do for years. My arms no longer go numb at night. I also have more energy. I never expected to not have to take sinus meds. Who would think a little thing could work such wonders. 
Barb Karns

Robert_Olson.pngI thought my problems were age related and irreversible.  But since starting care my body is healthier, I am more flexible, sleep better, and have more energy throughout the day!  This means I can exercise regularly and I feel more rested to start each day!
Robert Olson

Sandy_Zimmerman.pngI had low back and hip pain every morning and couldn't be on my feet for any length of time.  I have better posture and little to no pain in my back and hips.  I can spend a lot more time on my feet now and I can do more things that I haven't done for a long time.
Sandy Zimmerman

Sandy_Shaw.pngOn my first visit with Dr. Kris I was having severe muscle spasms and in a state of constant pain.  Dr. Kris was able to work on areas that I didn't even know were hurting.  Now, for the first time in two months I feel healthy and I am pain free!  Hallelujah!!!  I am able to start living my life again.
Sandy Shaw

Rosemarie_Stiffler.pngFor 14 years I suffered with back, neck, shoulder, hip and leg pain.  I had taken lots of meds to try to find some relief.  But now in just a few months with Dr. Kris I can walk straighter, mow non stop and I don't have to take any medication.  Also, I never expected to dance again, but I am.  I am usually sick all the time with something, but this winter I have not gotten sick at all.  There is no limit to anything I can do.  Nothing can hold me back!!!!
Rosemarie Stiffler

Thelma_Morgan.pngBefore starting care I had so much hip, back, and neck pain it was hard for me just to get around.  To add to my pain, I had a lot of trouble breathing.  I'm so glad my sister told me to call Dr. Kris because now I have never felt better!  I don't have pain anymore, my immune system is stronger, and I was able to cut my breathing medication in half!  I can finally work in my Rose garden again!
Thelma Morgan

testimonial_10.jpgI had gone to another chiropracor for almost 20 years and felt like I was just being maintained, that nothing was really improving.  I wanted to try a different approach and had heard many good things about Dr. Arnold's care.  I had many aches and pains and no real solution for them.  I was not living in the body I wanted.  Now I physically feel better and am sleeping better by not being awakened by pain.  I feel like being more active.  I have noticed a big difference in the tension I build up in my neck and shoulders.  It is a lot less.  I didn't expect for the carpal tunnel to be helped so quickly.  Now they rarely fall asleep at night.
Kim Hess

Beverly_Williams.pngI can out work people 25 years younger than I am!!  I suffered with sore joints, hip pain and numb and tingling in my hands.  Now not only is my entire body more flexible and the tingling and numbness lessened but I have more energy than before and I am sleeping better.  I did not expect such rapid improvement.
Beverly Williams


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