Less Medication

testimonial_01.jpgI knew that there had to be something other than medicated cover-ups for the pain I was constantly having. The prescribed medicines went from mild to extremem leaving me out-of-sorts and slow to recover. I was referred to Arnold's care and the moment I walked in I could see that this was something quite different. I was ready for a change. Dr. Kris explained, over the course of the next few years, how our bodies are made to heal themselves. Now my monthly appointments keep me in maintenance mode. Every time I come I learn that much more about what will keep me balanced. That being pro-active about what will keep me healthy; gettting rest, eating right, correct exercise, all of this comes from my visits to Dr. Kris. 
Sandy Black

testimonial_18.jpgI was "feeling old". I was taking ibuprofen daily to get through the days without joint pain. I had a lot of neck problems and had headaches several times each week. After treatment with Dr. Kris the numbness in my arm and hand disappeared almost immediately. Neck and joint pain gradually diminished. And, to me this is amazing. I have not had a single headache for seven weeks.
Kathy Fisher

Rosemarie_Stiffler.pngFor 14 years I suffered with back, neck, shoulder, hip and leg pain.  I had taken lots of meds to try to find some relief.  But now in just a few months with Dr. Kris I can walk straighter, mow non stop and I don't have to take any medication.  Also, I never expected to dance again, but I am.  I am usually sick all the time with something, but this winter I have not gotten sick at all.  There is no limit to anything I can do.  Nothing can hold me back!!!!
Rosemarie Stiffler

testimonial_22.jpg I had pain in my lower back, neck, numbness in my arms, acid reflux and sinus problems. Since starting care, I have totally gotten off my nexium for acid relfux and xyzcl for sinuses. I can now look over my left shoulder, which I haven't been able to do for years. My arms no longer go numb at night. I also have more energy. I never expected to not have to take sinus meds. Who would think a little thing could work such wonders.
Barb Karns

testimonial_11.jpgI was a little dissatisfied where I was going for care and saw the ad in the Beford Gazette for Dr. Kris. Since starting care I have much less back, shoulder, and neck pain. I really had a lot of sinus issues. I was living on pain pills that my husband bought by the box. Now I no longer take these. I was surprised about how well my sinus issues have improved.
Bonnie Clouse

Sue_Cunningham.pngI can now ride in an elevator!  This was something I couldn't do for years because of my anxiety and panic attacks but thanks to Dr. Kris I am now off most of my anxiety medication and no longer fear getting panic attacks.  Stomach pain was a constant problem for me. For the past 10 years I had to eat  bland foods, but now I can eat anything I want without pain!  On top of that I suffered from headaches, ear pain, knee and foot pain, a bad back, and numbness down my right leg, but since starting care my pains have decreased 90%.  I'm now happier and have a better outlook on life! 
Sue Cunningham

testimonial_23_1.jpgYour office was recommended to me by relatives and friends, who were very pleased with their results. I was having a lot of pain constantly every day. I had difficulty walking, going up and down stairs and doing daily activities. Now, my pain has really decreased and I no longer need to take any pain meds. I am able to do my daily activities at home, walk normally and go up and down the stairs. LIFE HAS NOW RETURNED TO ME!!
Linda Fisher

Michelle_Buttry.pngBefore Chiropractic I was suffering from chronic back pain, foot pain, and sciatica.  Dr. Kris's adjustments have me feeling great with all over pain relief and a healthier body.  I now take less medication, have less allergy symptoms, am sick less, and my blood pressure is better than its been in 15 years! I sleep well and feel good!
Michelle Buttry

Thelma_Morgan.pngBefore starting care I had so much hip, back, and neck pain it was hard for me just to get around.  To add to my pain, I had a lot of trouble breathing.  I'm so glad my sister told me to call Dr. Kris because now I have never felt better!  I don't have pain anymore, my immune system is stronger, and I was able to cut my breathing medication in half!  I can finally work in my Rose garden again!
Thelma Morgan


Before starting care my health wasn't very good.  I had high blood pressure, elevated liver and sugar levels, stiffness in my neck and back, numbness in my hands, hip and shoulder pain, bowel problems, and lots of stress.  But now I feel 10 years younger, my blood pressure, liver and sugar levels are all down, the numbness in my hands is gone, my neck and back are great, and my stiffness is gone.  I finally feel relaxed and able to be myself again.
Judy Crist

Elmira_Grimes.pngI was suffering from periferal neuropathy and restless leg syndrome.  It was keeping me from sleeping at night and causing me to take pain medications.  But thanks to Dr. Kris the nerves causing the problem are heathy and my pain and nighttime discomfort are gone!  I can sleep well at night and I no longer have to take my pain medication!
Elmira Grimes

testimonial_07.jpgI chose this office because of the ease and avialablity of getting an appointment. Before starting care I had many migraines and pain. Now I have less migraines, less pain, and increased energy. I did not expect the increased enery and I also have less seasonal allergies. I am impressed about the caring attitude of everyone in the office.
 Tiffany Cessna


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