Lower back & Hip Pain

To learn more about how Chiropractic can help with Lower Back and Hip Pain click here to read this article. 

testimonial_03.jpgA friend told me about the office. My health before starting care was very poor. In one spot on my lower back I had severe constant pain every day! After 3-4 treatments that pain went away. I did not expect relief from that pain in my lower back to go away in such any early time. Dr. Arnold's concern for your problems and his willingness to get to the bottom of your problems is was has impressed me most about the service the office offers. 
Flo Zimmerman

testimonial_04.jpgSince starting chiropractic care I am not as tired and do not have near the pain as before. It helps my legs, back, neck, arms and shoulders.They truly care about each patient and offer flexiable office visits. 
Marian Fields

testimonial_13.jpgMy brother Chet recommended your office. I wasn't feeling the best due to a burning rash on my arms and had pain in my hips and back. Now I feel better physicallyand the bruning rash is much better. Dr. Kris had a very special attitude towards his patients and I appreciate the way he works with children. 
Shirley Weyant

testimonial_14.jpgI was referred by my dad and aunt who have been patients here for years. I had a lot of lower back pain and pain in my feet. Since starting care, my feet are usually pain free and my back feels great. I feel overall better and I am sick less often. I appreciate the caring nature of everyone who works here.
Martha Clark

testimonial_21.jpg I felt that my health was close to poor before starting care. I now have better health and am not sick as often. My back and overall body is less stiff when I get out of bed in the morning. I work odd hours for the Railroad and it was hard to get good rest before starting care, I am now resting better. I appreciate the friendliness of the staff and the knowledge I have received at the office. 
Don Byers


I was supposed to have back injections according to a specialist. Since starting care I have noticed a lot less pain. I am able to move without pain. I have a better attitude. No numbness in the legs and am able to run long distances and exercise more. In three short months of care, I am now able to sit without painand also have less headaches and tension. Dr. Kris takes a personal interest in my problems. 
Scott Douglas

Rita_Robbins.pngI had back pain from morning till night causing me to be exhausted and ready to fall asleep by 7 in the evening.  After just a few visits my back was not sore, it was lose and I was able to move freely.  I felt like I lost 10 pounds and had more energy!  Dr. Kris also helped me with my broken ankle.  It was causing deep pain in my calf muscle, but one visit with Dr. Kris and the soreness was gone!
Rita Robbins

Michelle_Buttry.pngBefore Chiropractic I was suffering from chronic back pain, foot pain, and sciatica.  Dr. Kris's adjustments have me feeling great with all over pain relief and a healthier body.  I now take less medication, have less allergy symptoms, am sick less, and my blood pressure is better than its been in 15 years! I sleep well and feel good!
Michelle Buttry

Sandy_Shaw.pngOn my first visit with Dr. Kris I was having severe muscle spasms and in a state of constant pain.  Dr. Kris was able to work on areas that I didn't even know were hurting.  Now, for the first time in two months I feel healthy and I am pain free!  Hallelujah!!!  I am able to start living my life again.
Sandy Shaw

Arvilla_Miller.pngWhen I first came to see Dr. Kris I was having bronchitis and sinus infections every year, not to mention pain throughout my body.  But now I'm healthier all around.  I have improved balance, no more bronchitis, and improved sinuses.  This year on vacation to the beach I was finally able to do things without pain, that's a first in 10 years!
Arvilla Miller

Jennifer_Fulton.pngMy scoliosis caused me to live with a constant back ache; on top of that I had achy joints and was always tired.  Since starting care I no longer have to "live" with my achy back!  I have more energy and am more relaxed!  I am amazed how fast it was and how Dr. Kris knows exactly the spot that needs adjusted.
Jennifer Fulton

Emily_Deremer.pngI was having problems with pain in my right hip, leg and foot. Now that pain is goneand I have less pain overall!  I've also notice my sinus problems are decreasing.  Dr. Kris can always find the problem and getting feeling better!
Emily Deremer

Thelma_Morgan.pngBefore starting care I had so much hip, back, and neck pain it was hard for me just to get around.  To add to my pain, I had a lot of trouble breathing.  I'm so glad my sister told me to call Dr. Kris because now I have never felt better!  I don't have pain anymore, my immune system is stronger, and I was able to cut my breathing medication in half!  I can finally work in my Rose garden again!
Thelma Morgan

Troy_Harbaugh.pngBefore coming to Dr. Kris I had really stiff and sore joints, sleepless nights, loss of energy and lower back problems.  Now my joints are no longer stiff and sore and my lower back no longer bothers me.  I get a full night's sleep and find that my energy levels are back to what they used to be.  Also unexpectedly I had sinus and allergy problems that are gone as well.
Troy Harbaugh

Trudy_McCreary.pngI came to the office for lower back pain, but what I didn't realize was that chiropractic care could help me with getting pregnant.  I had complications in the past and an irregular menstral cycle.  Six months after beginning care I got pregnant.  I now have my beautiful daughter Rylie.   I never expected to get pregnant so quicly after beginning treatment.  Another benefit is that I feel more relaxed and have more energy.  Rylie has already received her first chiropractic adjustment.
Trudy McCreary

Sandy_Zimmerman.pngI had low back and hip pain every morning and couldn't be on my feet for any length of time.  I have better posture and little to no pain in my back and hips.  I can spend a lot more time on my feet now and I can do more things that I haven't done for a long time.
Sandy Zimmerman

Mary_Hendricks.pngBefore coming to Dr. Kris I had a lot of low energy days, knee and neck pain and my lower back had limited movement.  Since coming here my lower back and neck are more flexible.  My knee pain has lessened also.  In the midst of the day I have a "wow"  moment at how good I am feeling and I have increased energy!
Mary Hendricks

Rosemarie_Stiffler.pngFor 14 years I suffered with back, neck, shoulder, hip and leg pain.  I had taken lots of meds to try to find some relief.  But now in just a few months with Dr. Kris I can walk straighter, mow non stop and I don't have to take any medication.  Also, I never expected to dance again, but I am.  I am usually sick all the time with something, but this winter I have not gotten sick at all.  There is no limit to anything I can do.  Nothing can hold me back!!!!
Rosemarie Stiffler


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