Sciatica and Leg Pain

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testimonial_06.jpgI had heard wonderful things about Dr.Kris and the office from my mother-in -law. I had extreme pain from sciatica. The pain was so severe at times that I had trouble walking. Since starting care I have less pain, and many days forget about my sciatica. I can go days while teaching and do not have to sit down to rest my leg. I am also sleeping better than I have for years. Everyone is so nice and always willing to help. This place is great!
Stephanie McClelland

testimonial_23_1.jpgYour office was recommended to me by relatives and friends, who were very pleased with their results. I was having a lot of pain constantly every day. I had difficulty walking, going up and down stairs and doing daily activities. Now, my pain has really decreased and I no longer need to take any pain meds. I am able to do my daily activities at home, walk normally and go up and down the stairs. LIFE HAS NOW RETURNED TO ME!!
Linda Fisher

testimonial_20.jpgI was supposed to have back injections according to a specialist. Since starting care I have noticed a lot less pain. I am able to move without pain. I have a better attitude. No numbness in the legs and am able to run long distances and exercise more. In three short months of care, I am now able to sit without pain and also have less headaches and tension. Dr. Kris takes a personal interest in my problems.
Scott Douglas

Elmira_Grimes.pngI was suffering from periferal neuropathy and restless leg syndrome.  It was keeping me from sleeping at night and causing me to take pain medications.  But thanks to Dr. Kris the nerves causing the problem are heathy and my pain and nighttime discomfort are gone!  I can sleep well at night and I no longer have to take my pain medication!
Elmira Grimes

Richard_Weicht.pngI had almost forgotten what it felt like to feel good!  My heath was very poor when I first started care, I felt about as low as I could get.  I had constant aches and pains, numbness in my arms and legs, and lots of stress from having different types of cancer.  But since seeing Dr. Kris I feel totally different.  I have less pain, the numbness is gone, I have energy to do the things I want. I never thought any doctor could make me feel this good!  My outlook on life has completely changed!
Richard Weicht

Patty_Valentine.pngI came to Dr. Kris looking for a miracle! I had lower back pain and sciatic nerve problems that were debilitating for weeks and I had a cruise in two weeks that I did not want to miss.  Since starting care my backaches have lessened and my sciatic nerve pain is completely gone and I was able to fully enjoy my cruise!  Dr. Kris' adjustments have also helped me with a digestive issue that I suffered with for years.
Patty Valentine

testimonial_04.jpgSince starting chiropractic care I am not as tired and do not have near the pain as before. It helps my legs, back,neck, arms and shoulders.They truly care about each patient and offer flexiable office visits.
Marian Fields


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