Upper Back Pain

To learn more about how Chiropractic can help with Upper Back and Shoulder Pain click here to read this article. 

testimonial_12.jpgI was very uncomfortable on a daily basis with headaches and soreness.  I'm very acitve and this made it difficult to do my job and keep my fitness plan. Headaches are uncommon for me now. I don't feel the pain and soreness that I had before and I sleep sound through the night. The knots that I had in my upper back aren't the issues that they once were. The knots do not come back and I feel improvement very quickly after treatment.
Tina Pittman

Shevawn_Dumpert.pngI've lived with chronic pain for 22 years and tried so many different treatments and pain clinics but nothing seemed to work.   That's why I was so amazed to see my pain levels drop so quickly and so dramatically after starting care here! Now I am nearly pain freeand sleep much better at night!
Shevawn Dumpert

Richard_Weicht.pngI had almost forgotten what it felt like to feel good!  My heath was very poor when I first started care, I felt about as low as I could get.  I had constant aches and pains, numbness in my arms and legs, and lots of stress from having different types of cancer.  But since seeing Dr. Kris I feel totally different.  I have less pain, the numbness is gone, I have energy to do the things I want. I never thought any doctor could make me feel this good!  My outlook on life has completely changed!
Richard Weicht

Rosemarie_Stiffler.pngFor 14 years I suffered with back, neck, shoulder, hip and leg pain.  I had taken lots of meds to try to find some relief.  But now in just a few months with Dr. Kris I can walk straighter, mow non stop and I don't have to take any medication.  Also, I never expected to dance again, but I am.  I am usually sick all the time with something, but this winter I have not gotten sick at all.  There is no limit to anything I can do.  Nothing can hold me back!!!!
Rosemarie Stiffler


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