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testimonial_01.jpgI knew that there had to be something other than medicated cover-ups for the pain I was constantly having. The prescribed medicines went from mild to extremem leaving me out-of-sorts and slow to recover. I was referred to Arnold's care and the moment I walked in I could see that this was something quite different. I was ready for a change. Dr. Kris explained, over the course of the next few years, how our bodies are made to heal themselves. Now my monthly appointments keep me in maintenance mode. Every time I come I learn that much more about what will keep me balanced. That being pro-active about what will keep me healthy; gettting rest, eating right, correct exercise, all of this comes from my visits to Dr. Kris.
Sandy Black

testimonial_10.jpgI had gone to another chiropracor for almost 20 years and felt like I was just being maintained, that nothing was really improving.  I wanted to try a different approach and had heard many good things about Dr. Arnold's care.  I had many aches and pains and no real solution for them.  I was not living in the body I wanted.  Now I physically feel better and am sleeping better by not being awakened by pain.  I feel like being more active.  I have noticed a big difference in the tension I build up in my neck and shoulders.  It is a lot less.  I didn't expect for the carpal tunnel to be helped so quickly.  Now they rarely fall asleep at night.
Kim Hess

testimonial_15.jpgI felt my health was good before starting care, but since starting chiropractic careI have a quicker recovery from any injuries or illness. I appreicate that immediate results and the great staff.
John Herman

Sharon_Crist.pngMy daughter had been coming to see Dr. Kris and had great results so I decided to try it too.  Before starting chiropractic care I always had sinus problems and was getting sick 3 or 4 times a year with bronchitis and colds.  I've been seeing Dr. Kris for 6 years now and there has been no more bronchitis, cold or sinus problems! And to top it off I've also been sleeping very well!
Sharon Crist

testimonial_17.jpgI was referred to the office by friend who responded well to this type of treatment and I saw her results first hand.  My health was generally good but I was concerned with aches and pains of getting older, higher cholesterol levels and the stress effects on my body.  Since starting care I have more energy, sleep better, carpel tunnel in wrists is decreasing, have less headaches and I handle stressful conditions better.   I did not expect the personal evaluation of "whole health", combining foods, vitamins, lifestyle and faith with the treatment.
Barb Thomas

Michelle_Buttry.pngBefore Chiropractic I was suffering from chronic back pain, foot pain, and sciatica.  Dr. Kris's adjustments have me feeling great with all over pain relief and a healthier body.  I now take less medication, have less allergy symptoms, am sick less, and my blood pressure is better than its been in 15 years! I sleep well and feel good!
Michelle Buttry

testimonial_21.jpg I felt that my health was close to poor before starting care. I now have better health and am not sick as often. My back and overall body is less stiff when I get out of bed in the morning. I work odd hours for the Railroad and it was hard to get good rest before starting care, I am now resting better. I appreciate the friendliness of the staff and the knowledge I have received at the office.
Don Byers

Terry_Rogers.pngI had a stroke over a year ago and had problems walking and using my left arm.  Within one month of starting care I was able to go shopping in Walmart.  I am now able to start to move my left arm and can walk short distances without my cane.  But the neatest thing is since I started to get adjusted I no longer have any desire to smoke.
Terry Rogers

testimonial_23_1.jpgYour office was recommended to me by relatives and friends, who were very pleased with their results. I was having a lot of pain constantly every day. I had difficulty walking, going up and down stairs and doing daily activities. Now, my pain has really decreased and I no longer need to take any pain meds.I am able to do my daily activities at home, walk normally and go up and down the stairs. LIFE HAS NOW RETURNED TO ME!! ~ Linda Fisher

Robert_Olson.pngI thought my problems were age related and irreversible.  But since starting care my body is healthier, I am more flexible, sleep better, and have more energy throughout the day!  This means I can exercise regularly and I feel more rested to start each day!
Robert Olson

Sandy_Shaw.pngOn my first visit with Dr. Kris I was having severe muscle spasms and in a state of constant pain.  Dr. Kris was able to work on areas that I didn't even know were hurting.  Now, for the first time in two months I feel healthy and I am pain free!  Hallelujah!!!  I am able to start living my life again.
Sandy Shaw

Beverly_Williams.pngI can out work people 25 years younger than I am!!  I suffered with sore joints, hip pain and numb and tingling in my hands.  Now not only is my entire body more flexible and the tingling and numbness lessened but I have more energy than before and I am sleeping better.  I did not expect such rapid improvement.
Beverly Williams

Beth_Dunlap.pngI almost feel my age again!  I have significant decrease in sinus pressure, headaches, and  drainage.  My cycle is back to normal and my neck and back pain is minimal.  I am on my feet all day and they no longer hurt at the end of the day.  I also did not expect the treatments to help my energy level as much as they have.
Beth Dunlap


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