Kids Testimonials

Taj_and_Gavin_Reyan.pngTaj had attention and behavior problems and Gavin had little energy.  Since coming to Dr. Kris Taj's behavior has improved greatly and is staying on task in school and not distrubing others anymore.  His teacher is impressed with these changes.  Gavin now has much more energy and more like a kid should be!  We love the child friendly atmosphere too!
Taj and Gavin Reyan

Cody Miller.jpgMy grandmother told my Mom about the office and encourged my Mom to bring me. I had allergies that would get bad very quick and was in the hospital twice in less than a year with pneumonia. Since starting care I have not needed any breathing treatments. If I am sick, I bounce back quickly now. I have not had to go to the hospital since starting care. Everyone is very kind and caring. Cody Miller

Alecsis Mowry.jpgDr. Kris makes my shoulders and neck feel better.
Aliecsis Mowery

Alex Dunlap.jpgChiropractic helps with my sinuses and makes my low back feel better.  It help me play softball better.
Alexis Dunlap

Alexandria Donatelli.jpgIt helps to lessen the pain in my shoulder and neck from my brachial plexus birth defect.  Also helps to take soreness away from volleyball.
Alexandria Donatelli

Amanda Crist.jpgHelps me to feel more relaxed and less tense.
Amanda Crist

Austin Buttry.jpgChiropractic helps play football and wrestling better.  It also helps with my sinuses.
Austin Buttry

Beau Bosch.jpgIt helps me recover from my sport injuries much faster and gets me playing again.
Beau Bosch

Belle Bosch.jpgDr. Theresa helps with my headaches, sinuses, leg pain and numerous injuries!
Belle Bosch

Ben Windows.jpgChiropractic helps with allergies and recovery from my knee, elbow and wrist injuries faster.
Ben Windows

Brody Geisert.jpgIt helps to keep me healthy and I do not get sick as often. I have been adjusted since I was 1 year old.
Brody Geisert

Cale Leppert.jpgHelps me to do better in sports and help me with my elbow injury.
Cale Leppert

Caleb Bush.jpgIt makes me feel better with fewer sinus problems!
Caleb Bush

Carla Bush.jpgDr. Kris makes me feel better and stay healthier!
Carla Bush

Caylen Leppert.jpgHelps me to do better in sports.
Caylen Leppert

Conner Buttry.jpgHelps with sinus problems and help to alleviate soreness after sporting activities, helps me to feel better and more relaxed.
Conner Buttry

Deagan-1.jpgHelps me to stay healthy.
Deegan Wertz

Dylan Arnold.jpgDr. Kris me to do better in school and sports.
Dylan Arnold

Eden Dillow.jpgHelps me to not have headaches and helps with my asthma. My mom is greatful that I don't have to take as much medication.  Eden Dillow

Eliana Knight.jpgIt makes me feel better!
Elana Knight

Elijah Miller.jpgChiropractic makes me feel better with fewer illnesses!
Elijah Miller

Erica Crist.jpgHelps my back feel better and I can concentrate in school better.
Erica Crist

Ethan hess.jpgI used to have headaches a lot - now I do not.
Ethan Hess

Gabrielle Donatelli.jpgDr. Kris me with sports and it feels so good when the hurt goes away.  I had stomach pain every day before I came to see Dr. Kris and with one adjustment it went away.
Gabrielle Donatelli

Grant Browell.jpgI used to get a couple of headaches every week.  Now I don't have headaches any more.
Grant Browell

Hannah.jpgHelps me to feel better and to do better in school.
Hannah Haines

Jace Growden.jpgChiropractic helps with sports and school.
Jace Growden

Jeremy Medasie.jpgIt feels amazing.
Jeremy Medazie

Jolynn.jpgI have been adjusted since I was only a few days old.  Dr. Kris keeps me and my whole family healthy.
Jolynn Mickle

Joey Windows.jpgDr. Kris helps me with headaches and stomach aches and it feels good. I am able to cut my medication in half.
Joey Windows

Jonaah Miller.jpgIt helps me to feel better and keeps me from getting sick.
Jonaah Miller

Jorga Treece.jpgChiropractic makes me feel better!
Jorja Treece

Josiah Treece.jpgHelps my neck to feel better.
Josiah Treece

Justin Arnold.jpgIt makes me feel better!
Justin Arnold

Kaia Knights.jpgDr. Kris makes me feel better!
Kaia Knight

Kaitlyn Price.jpgChiropractic has helped me do better in school with attention and concentration! I am also less hyper and my mom says that I am better to be around when I get adjusted.
Katlyn Price

Kierstin Corle.jpgDr. Kris helps me with my headaches, sinuses, stomach pain and my ankle pain!
Kierstin Corle

Logan Greeley.jpgIt makes me feel better!
Logan Greeley

Meadow Knight.jpgIt feels good!!

Meadow Knight

Megan Moorhead.jpgDr. Theresa helps me with my sports and I perform better after adjustments.
Megan Moorehead

Noah Dillow.jpgHelps me to breathe better.  After just the first adjustment my sinuses and asthma were better.
Noah Dillow

Paige Diehl.jpgHelps me to feel a lot better, less stressed, fewer headaches, and better concentration in school.
Paige Diehl

Payden Mowry.jpgChiropractic helps with my neck and sinuses.  They used to be clogged all the time!!
Payden Mowry

Rory de la Penna.jpgIt feels good!!
Rory de la Penna

Ryan-Wright.jpgIt helps me with sport injuries and it feels great!
Ryan Wright

Rylee Bosch.jpgHelps with my allergies and is very relaxing.
Rylee Bosch

Samantha Medasie.jpgI haven't gotten sick since I started care.
Samantha Medasie

ASHLEY KESTLE.jpgHelps my back, neck and sinuses.
Ashley Kestle

Savanna-Crissman.jpgChiropractic has helped me stay healthy and with my ear infections!!
Savanna Crissman

Silas de la Pena.jpgIt feels good!!
Silas de la Penna

Tallon Fazenbaker.jpgI feel better when I am adjusted.
Tallon Fazenbaker

Trent Moorhead.jpgIt is helping me walk straighter!
Trent Moorhead

Zoie Dunlap.jpgHelps with my sinuses and I have less ear infections.
Zoie Dunlap

Catie Shaffer.jpgIt feels good and I do better in school!!
Catie Shaffer

Michelle Kauffman.jpgChiropractic keeps me healthy and helps with my sinuses and asthma!
Michele Kauffman


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