Blood Sugar Program

FDA approves Live Well’s dietary program for Blood Sugar Correction

Live Well’s Metalife program has been getting amazing results and rave reviews and now it has received FDA approval for blood sugar correction.  The approval came after looking at hundreds of blood tests showing true correction.  Metalife is a scientific system of diet and specific nutrients that can transform how your body process food.

Diabetes is a lifestyle disease not genetic, meaning it can be changed with the right choices. Diabetic drugs lower blood sugar levels but are extremely damaging to your body and have many serious side effects.

Even with a low sugar diet, most diabetics struggle.  But Metalife’s new way of eating is not about starving or eating bland foods.  By eating the right foods at the right time, combined with ancient herbs and nutrients that help heal the body, balancing blood sugar has finally become achievable.

The main reason why this system works so well is because Veronica, our highly trained nutritionist, is by your side for guidance and support.  To learn more about this exciting program and how you can finally get your blood sugar under control, contact Veronica at 814-624-0606 opt. 2 or email her at [email protected]