Chiropractic Ensures Healthy Living for Winter Months

By May 12, 2020October 22nd, 2020Blog
Winter Months

Winter brings its own set of health problems that we all face

The key to staying healthy in winter is to understand why certain problems are more common in the winter and the real importance is what we do differently this time of year.

Colds and flu, back injuries, stress, sleep problems, digestive problems, headaches, and depression are the most common ailment that occurs more often in the winter months. Why are these health afflictions more common in winter than in summer?

The answer is we are different!

We act and do different things in the winter that we do for the rest of the year. A good example is back injuries are not because of snow being too heavy, it is because we are less active, and we lose strength which causes our spinal muscles to become weak and prone to lifting injuries.

The same is true of the cold and flu season. Germs and viruses are around us every day, all year long but why is there is a flu season every winter. It is due to the fact we eat more sugar and sweets in winter holidays, less active and have more stress. All of these cause our immune system to become weak and we are now susceptible to the germs that have always been there.

How do we change this so winter we can feel as good as we do in the summer and stay healthy all year round?

First, don’t change what is working. Consistency is the key. Keep up the activity, eating habits and sleep patterns in the winter as you do in the summer.

Another key is to find a Wellness Chiropractor that can direct you in different lifestyle modifications to enhance your health, vitality, and healing rate. Wellness chiropractors are holistic and look at your entire health to determine what is lacking that is preventing a person from fully expressing their full health potential.

Wellness chiropractors also can correct past damage and stress that is holding your body back. Stress can have the biggest impact on a person’s health but there is no real solution other than chiropractic.

While chiropractic is beneficial all year long, its impact on improving the health of patients during the winter is unmatched. By enhancing the health of the nervous system, patients feel better, happier, the immune system is much stronger, sleep better, have a better digestive function and handle stress better.

Live Well Chiropractic

Live Well Chiropractic

Dr. Kris Arnold, Dr. Jason Stephens and Dr. Randy Tabita have 25 years of experience of helping people find the underlying cause of their health problems, not just feeling better but truly healthy and ways to stay healthy for a lifetime.