The Anti-Serum for Bad Behaviors

We have taken all the hard guess work out to how to do a full body detox the proper way and have created a daily step-by-step process to get the most out of your detox.

Advantages of DetoxingA hidden benefit of a whole body cellular detox is a stronger immune system.  One of the main daily function of your immune system is to internally scavenge your body for waste, debris, weak cells and toxins. As a result of less toxins in the body, your immune system can fight outside viruses and bacteria more efficiently.  Detoxes also open your lymphatic system, the drainage system that collects and gets rid of all your body’s waste. When your lymph system is open, your sinuses drain better, and circulation is improved.

Regular detoxing is part of the our wellness system here at Live Well along with regular chiropractic care, massages, better nutrition and PEMF. Live Well’s 10-Day detoxes are energizing, assist in weight loss, and will not alter your daily routine (ie. stuck in the bathroom).

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The question isn’t if you have toxins because we all do.

The REAL question is, how toxic are you?

Dr. Kris presents Live Well’s specialized Detoxification Program using whole foods and herbs to supercharge your health.

Dr. Kris presents simple tips for making the most out of your whole body detox.