Heart Program

Over 20 years ago, the INTERHEART program  demonstrated that the best way to make changes in heart disease was not medication or surgery (which are only effective in less than 20% of people) but that healthy lifestyle changes like diet modification, moderate exercise and stress reduction can truly reverse heart disease and add years to your life!

We have created a program that will show you exactly how to get your heart in the best shape of your life and to get off the medication that is not working and only causing major side effects.

This is a new 6-month program with blood tests, lifestyle changes, dietary program, supplements, group interactions, accountability and more. Discover the real underlying cause of heart disease and experience feeling better and seeing test results finally change with our new program. 

This program is only for those serious about change. You will have to make a serious commitment in time and focus but the results will change your life!

Vascular Health
Blood Pressure
Coronary Artery Disease

We will give you every tool, insight, and encouragement to be successful. Failure is NOT an option.

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