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Do You Feel Frustrated With Your Current State Of Health?

Are everyday activities a struggle?

Have you tried to fix the problem and failed?

Not getting the answers you are looking for?

Worried this will become a permanent problem?

Are you frustrated with the pain?

Do you feel like you should have more energy?

Is your sleep being affected?

Are you looking for a natural solution?

“I owe Live Well Chiropractic my health today. I am now able to do everyday tasks. I am even able to work in my flower garden. My life is a total turn around!”

Nanette Meck


Gentle Chiropractic

Gentle NO force adjustments (yes people have fallen asleep) restore the nurturing life force of the nervous system.

Holistic Nutrition

Individual nutritional counseling for general health, digestion, thyroid, diabetes, heart and a healthy weight loss program.

Relaxing Massage

Comforting salt stone, soothing Swedish massage and invigorating reflexology for physical and mental release.

Live Well Chiropractic Can Help Many Types Of Conditions

Neck Pain

Stressed Out

Thyroid Problems




Repeated Illnesses


Low Energy


Too Much Medication

Ear Infections

Building Happier, Healthier Families With A More Natural Way Of Health

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Discover How Live Well Chiropractic Has Helped Bedford Families, Just Like Yours, Experience Greater Health

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What Makes Live Well Chiropractic So Different?

Dr. Kris Arnold, Dr. Jason Stephens and Dr. Randy Tabita have 25 years of experience of helping people find the underlying cause of their health problems, not just feeling better but truly healthy and ways to stay healthy for a lifetime.

Live Well is a modern wellness chiropractor that offers the best in natural health. Services include gentle instrument adjustments (yes people have fallen asleep during a session), advanced computer diagnostic technology, massage, reflexology, whole body thermography, nutritional counseling and healthy weight loss program.

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By utilizing advanced computerized technology to clearly identify underlying causes for health problems, we can restore the nurturing life force of the nervous system to enhance, transform and expand each person’s health and life. We attract generations of families that search for reconnection to a greater experience of health and life. They have consciously created a healing environment, inspiring communication and efficient actions to create time and space for the extraordinary to be ordinary and where the miraculous is common.

It is our goal to treat each person that walks through their doors just like family…with love, compassion, understanding and truth We strive to provide the education and inspiration needed to help each person make positive lifestyle changes and choices so they can experience the greatest health, happiness and wellbeing.

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"I want to get out of bed in the morning and I feel great!"
Geri Mock

Geri Mock New Paris PA


"It’s a very positive experience every time I come here."
Sherm Pensyl

Sherm Pensyl New Paris PA


"They’re not just covering up your pain, they’re getting to the root of it."
Sandy Rice

Sandy Rice New Paris PA

Over the past 20 years, we have proudly served the Bedford Community and helped thousands of families just like yours.

Most policies have chiropractic coverage and we are proud providers for these major insurance companies

Medicare Chiropractor New Paris PA
Bluecross Blueshield Chiropractor
United Healthcare New Paris PA
UPMC Chiropractor New Paris PA

What To Expect As A New Practice Member

Stop masking the symptoms and get to the root cause of the problem

1. Finally Feel Heard By Your Chiropractor

Our team wants to hear and fully understand your health problems, your past failures and most importantly your health goals.

2. Experience Advanced Diagnostic Technology

We are a modern wellness facility utilizing advanced computerized technology to clearly identify underlying causes of your health problems.

3. Comprehensive, Natural Family Healthcare

With a team of chiropractors, massage therapists and nutritionist we have many solutions to get your family’s health back on track.

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3 Tips To Determine What Is ACTUALLY Causing Your Health Issues

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How Live Well Chiropractic Helps You Get Better Results Faster?

Feel Better

More Energy

Sleep Better

Feel Younger

Less Drugs

Less Stressed

Think Clearer

Live Big Life

Increased Flexibility

What Could Not Fixing This Problem Cost You?

You only have one life. Why wait to feel great and get healthy again? Don’t let your life goals pass you by.

The most dangerous words in the English language when it comes to your health are…“Maybe it’ll go away on it’s own…” The truth is we all know problems only go away to come back even worse.

Our bodies possess amazing healing resources. But with the constant bombardment of daily stresses- physical, chemical and emotional – it only makes sense we start to break down.

The scary reality is that most people’s health is headed in the wrong direction. If we’re lucky, pain or symptoms wake us up to this situation and encourage us to do something about it. For those who aren’t so lucky, serious disease may be the first symptom.

In the US we take more drugs, spend more on “health” care but only rank 38th in the world in longevity, quality of life and long term health.

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These frightening statistics paint a picture of a healthcare system that is failing us badly. No one lives their best life when they’re burned out, stressed and in pain.

However, it doesn’t have to be that way. There are effective, natural strategies that can enhance almost every aspect of how you feel, perform and live.

A 7 year study of people under regular Chiropractic care found the following:
– 60.2% decrease in hospital admissions
– 59% less hospital days
– 62% less outpatient surgeries & procedures
– 85% decrease in pharmaceutical costs

You do have a choice when it comes to your health and the health of your family. Taking a natural, holistic approach that addresses the real underlying causes of your health challenges can help you feel better, optimize your potential for total body wellness today, but also in the future.

If you’ve made it this far then you’re obviously looking for real answers to your health… talk to us today. We can help. Schedule an appointment with a chiropractor in New Paris, PA today!

“Clinical Utilization and Cost Outcomes From An Integrative Medicine Independent Physician Association: An Additional 3 – Year Update” – Sarnat RL. MD et al JMPT 2007