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S-Wave Therapy at Live Well Chiropractic

S-wave Therapy at Live Well Chiropractic is a non-invasive regenerative therapy that accelerates healing in as little as 4 sessions. It utilizes high-energy acoustic waves to promote healing and repair of a wide range of musculoskeletal conditions and chronic pain.

S-Wave stimulates the body’s natural healing response by:

  • Increasing blood flow to reduce inflammation, disrupting pain signals, and stimulating the release of natural painkillers in the body. This can lead to significant pain relief, even in cases where other treatments have failed.
  • Breaking down scar tissue and relaxing muscle spasms, increases pain-free range of motion is noticed almost immediately after treatment.
  • Stimulating your body’s own production of stem cells, joint and tissue repair is now available without surgery or injections. Research validates the effectiveness of S-wave therapy and shows successful treatment rates of 90%.
  • Promoting nerve regeneration and helping protect against neuropathy and neuronal degeneration.
S-Wave Therapy

S-wave Therapy is not only pain relief but truly regenerative. Results are long-lasting and in most cases are permanent, with corrective chiropractic care, as long as the area is not reinjured. In cases of neuropathy or autoimmune conditions, results may not be permanent, but can alleviate symptoms and provide a significantly better quality of life.

Treatment consists of 4 sessions over 6 weeks and full healing can take up to 3 months. Each treatment is 15 minutes or less with minimal downtime needed after each session. Only 3 contraindications to treatment: pregnancy, cancer and cortisone shot within the last 6 weeks.

Although S-wave is a clinically proven effective treatment, it is not covered by health insurance. Treatments typically are $1500 per treatment area. We are able to offer this cutting-edge regenerative therapy for dramatically less! The cost will depend on the severity of the damage or injury as well as the location.

S-Wave Testimonials

  • Since starting S-Wave, I have a lot less lower back pain and more range of motion. The simple things such as putting my shoes on in the morning is no longer a struggle.
    - Ken Z.
  • My results with S-Wave have been remarkable! I am able to go up and down steps normally and have been feeling like myself again!
    - Cindy M.
  • Without Live Well’s S-Wave my leg injury would have never healed, and I would have never been able to complete the London Marathon.
    - Kasey O.
  • Ella plays on a national soccer team. For over a year, a back injury that had prevented her from playing as much as she wanted. Therapy only showed marginal improvement. After her first session her pain was gone and in 2 weeks she was back playing again with no return of pain.
    - Ella
  • Sherm participates in weightlifting competitions. An old elbow injury left him believing he was going to have to stop the thing he enjoyed the most. He is now back to lifting and competing because of S-Wave.
    - Sherm
  • Since starting S-Wave, I can move freely with no pain. My sleep is more restful due to the absence of pain!
    - Michele G.
  • Sean enjoys running in his spare time. A severe pain in his calf limited his running. 6 weeks of therapy still left him limited. Within weeks of his S-Wave treatment, he ran a NYC marathon. He continues to run without problems.
    - Sean
  • After 8 weeks the fracture in my foot was not healing and I was still not able to walk. 1 week after my S-Wave treatment I was walking and cancelled my surgery.
    - Catie S.
  • Before S-Wave, I was limping on my right foot. After S-Wave, I walk without limping and I have more energy!
    - Maddie H.
  • Before S-Wave, I wasn’t able to set for very long without being stiff. Now, I’m an overall different person. I’m happier because of less pain and achiness. I’m also sleeping better.
    - Stephanie M.
  • With S-Wave treatments, I can do my morning routine in the morning instead of the afternoon.
    - Sharon L.
  • After 3 S-Wave treatments, the pain on the outside of my knee was cut by 100%. I no longer need to wear a knee brace or take medicine for pain, rub or spray pain relief ointments. S-Wave has helped me above all mentally and has given me peace of mind back.
    - Ed H.

One of Our S-Wave Patients Ran in the London Marathon!

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Newspaper Clipping

An old elbow injury left him believing he was going to have to stop the thing he enjoyed the most. Look at what his elbow can do now!

In Conjunction with Chiropractic

S-wave Therapy will help you get better chiropractic care results by helping your body heal past stress, damage, and injuries to joints and tissues. Once these chronic areas finally heal, your adjustments to free nerve interference will be more effective! With less stress, your body will hold its adjustments better, making you stronger and better to adapt and resist future stress.

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