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Bullet Proofing Your Immune System

Discover the best way to get healthy and strong all winter long!

The Covid catastrophe has shown shots don’t work and how important your immune system is. Dr. Kris will answer the most important question: Why the select few had severe reactions to the Covid and flu viruses and others do not. There are glaring clues!!! Another false alarm of increased Covid cases are priming everyone to get another booster shot. Find out the real why the government is pushing vaccines and the real solutions to keep your family safe.

  • NEWS ALERT! The flu shot will be redesigned again because of poor effectiveness. Learn the new ingredients that is right out of a Science fiction movie!
  • Discover the 5 steps to bullet proof your immune system. We want to give you the tools and game plan to eliminate the “kryptonite” that is causing your immune system to lose its superpowers.
  • Learn the top immune supplements my family and team uses to prevent illness or ward off a cold that is coming on.


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