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Nutrition and Detox at Live Well Chiropractic

person chopping healthy vegetablesNutrition and chiropractic care have everything to do with each other. What you place in your body has a huge impact on your health and how your body recovers from pain and injury. At Live Well Chiropractic, we provide one-on-one nutrition counseling to help you give your body the very best and achieve peak wellness naturally.

Fuel Your Body With Ingredients for Health

We believe nutrition should come from proper food choices. For some people, taking supplements is also necessary. Our team can use advanced testing to determine your individual nutritional needs. We’ll help you figure out which food choices and supplements will get you to your goal faster.

Many times, we find people are taking supplements they don’t even need. The supplements we use are from whole food sources that are not heated or chemically altered.

Reap the Benefits of Our 10-Day Detox

We’ve taken all the guesswork out of detoxing the right way. Our day-by-day process will help you get the most out of a whole-body detox, boosting your immune system. Cleansing your body naturally can also improve your energy levels and help with weight loss. Our easy approach won’t leave you stuck in the bathroom. We work with your lifestyle and schedule to make healing fit your needs.

One of the main functions of your immune system is to scavenge your body for waste, debris, weak cells, and toxins. Having fewer toxins in your body helps your immune system fight viruses and bacteria more efficiently. Detoxes also open your lymphatic system, which collects and gets rid of your body’s waste. As a result, your sinuses drain better, and your blood flow improves.

Choose Better Health Today

Our holistic wellness system at Live Well Chiropractic combines better nutrition and regular detoxing with gentle chiropractic, massage therapy, and PEMF. Schedule your first visit now so we can build you a customized plan for healing.

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