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Young Girl's Dreams Revived at Live Well Chiropractic

Amelia with DoctorEvery young girl dreams of leaping, twirling, and tumbling in the world of gymnastics. However, for one brave 8-year-old named Amelia, that dream seemed out of reach. Diagnosed with juvenile arthritis, Amelia endured constant knee and joint pain, even with the strongest medications available.

It was a daily struggle for Amelia to get through each day, let alone engage in the joyful activities her friends cherished in gymnastics. Her determined mother exhausted every avenue in search of relief, but the progress was slow, and hope was waning.

Everything changed in July when Amelia began her journey with Live Well. In just a few short months, Amelia’s life took an incredible turn. She began experiencing entire weeks without pain, a feat once unimaginable. Her reliance on medication decreased significantly, with hopes of eliminating it entirely in the future. Now, Amelia runs, plays, and laughs with her friends, enjoying the carefree life of a typical 8-year-old. Once again, she dreams of joining the world of gymnastics, and her mother shares in her excitement, grateful that she no longer has to say “no” to her daughter’s dreams.

Live Well, with its advanced healing technology, played a pivotal role in Amelia’s miraculous transformation. Specializing in gentle low-force chiropractic adjustments, Amelia found comfort and relief in her treatments. Additionally, Live Well employs PEMF technology, utilizing electromagnetic fields to detoxify and reduce swelling. Amelia has also incorporated supplements into her regimen, reducing her dependence on medication significantly.

Live Well has established itself as a world-class healing center. Their mission is to help individuals of all backgrounds reclaim their lives and pursue their dreams. Amelia’s journey from pain to gymnastics serves as a powerful testament to the transformative capabilities of Live Well. With their unwavering commitment to helping individuals achieve their goals in life, Live Well truly embodies their motto: “Getting You Back to the Game of Life.”


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